Conference Hub - what was it like?

Ok - as I write this, my feet still ache and my voice box is very sore - but but did we have a great time at the MRS Conference with our Hub.

With the conference attracting over 700 insight professionals, we were always going to be busy but what amazed us all was the great level of support we had from right across the industry - EVERYONE said they said the project had identified a key issue and most pleasing was looking to do something about it!

So whether people were giving their thoughts on video or chatting to one of us and having those points turned into great cartoons by our illustrator Will, voting for their preferred next steps or signing up to be a friend of the project going forward, there was fantastic support throughout.

In the the coming days and weeks we'll share different elements of the feedback here, whether it be video clips, cartoon elements, details of the vote or eye witness accounts from the great members of our project team who helped man the stand. 

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Hub co-ordinator

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