The message is getting out there

Liz spotted these post it notes during a different session at Esomar Congress yesterday - the session was called "I am proud to be a researcher". 

These were just a few of the ideas from audience on how we do this using a viral campaign. It's great to see so many of our themes and ideas being reflected in this session.

We'll build some of them into our thinking for future campaigns to keep this momentum we have at the moment - have you any ideas about what we could use to engage people virally?

Votes to the end of Day 2

So after two days of voting, this is how the Poll stands:-

University Roadshows & Career Ambassadors lead the way with Greater Publicity, Apprentice Schemes and Mentoring not far behind.

You can make difference - click here to take part  - hurry as the poll closes tonight!

Another great day on the hub

Loads of visitors today getting involved, whether it was providing input to our cartoons, discussing our Tube Map, voting on the next steps for the industry or picking up a copy of our report - here's a few pictures

Here Liz is chatting to another visitor about the project findings

Will our illustrator busy creating our Cartoon Montage

And finally, Bryanna one Esomar's student helpers, enjoys seeing her ideas "cartoonised"

And of course not forgetting our session featuring many revelations about the findings of our work and the actions we've already seen people taking.

We'll run an article about it soon (as things are rather hectic at the mo!!) and if we can find a link via ESOMAR, you can probably watch the TV recording of the session.

We'll update you on the vote in the morning - see you then.

Votes on the Hub after Day 1

After a busy first day on the Hub at ESOMAR, here are the results so far:-

Some common themes to our previous votes at the MRS Conference appearing there - lets see what the next two days bring!

A complex career path?

One of the findings of our project was the very complex career structure that the industry presents to potential entrants.

So Liz Norman and the Keen as Mustard team decided to have a go at trying to map out the many different routes and destinations - and as a result have produced this rather nifty Tube Map - pop along to our stand at Congress to discuss how they went about it and some of the insights that they found.

Vote here

As part of our Careers Hub at Esomar Congress in Dublin, we are running a vote on the next steps our industry should take based on the findings of the report we have launched today.

Our team will be getting input on the ground at congress but if you are not in Dublin, don't worry you can still #get_involved.

After looking at our report in the post below, follow this link to take part in the survey:-

Keep popping back to the blog to see the results at the end of each day!

Our International Report is launched

Yes - it's here - our International Report which looks at how our industry promotes itself to new entrants is launched today at Esomar's 2015 Congress in Dublin - download the report here.

If you are in Dublin at Congress, pop along to the Careers hub to say hello and #get_involved

We've arrived in Dublin!

Here's the Esomar welcome at Dublin airport - we've arrived safely and looking forward to the start of congress tomorrow.

As well as launching our International report, we are also running a live vote on the hub about the next steps the industry should take. We don't want those not attending the congress to miss out so we will also be making the survey available to mobile users - more details to follow in the morning.

Monday is Hub Day

Yes - our Careers Hub at Esomar's congress in Dublin goes live on Monday morning.

We will keep you updated on developments via this blog and Twitter - using the rather apt # of 


We will also be releasing details of how you can vote on the next steps our industry should be taking - watch the blog for more details in the coming days!

International Report to be published on Tuesday

Yes we can confirm that the report of our project based on our International dataset will be launched on Tuesday at the ESOMAR Congress in Dublin.

Our UK report will be released soon!

If you are in Dublin visit our Careers Hub to pick up a copy and get involved.

1 week to go

Yes, a long time in the planning and its now just one week to our Researching a Career hub at Esomar's 2015 Congress in Dublin.

If you are attending, please pop along and see how you can get involved. If you can't make it, keep visiting the blog to keep in touch with developments.

10 days to go!

Yes  - just 10 days to the start of the Esomar Congress - meet the the team, read the report and get involved.

And don't worry if you are not going, we'll bring regular updates on the blog right here!

Meet one of the members of our team

Yes, as we get ready to launch our story of the industry, we thought we would give you a sneak preview of some of the characters that will feature.

First I'll introduce a character I've called Larry - he's very industrious and enjoys the variety his job involves!

Keep popping back to our blog in the coming days to meet some more characters and learn more about the innovative story we have developed.

Meet the Researching a Career team at ESOMAR's 2015 congress in Dublin

Yes, following the success of our careers hub at MRS Impact 2015, we have been asked to attend ESOMAR's event this September in Dublin.

As well as meeting the team, you'll have a chance to share your experiences and get involved in our developing activity plan. We are also talking about some of the results but as the theme of the event is Revelations, we can't tell you anymore at this point! You'll have to come along and see for yourself.

For more details about Congress, visit

Volunteers needed to take part in University presentations

One of the key activities we have highlighted (and was the clear winner in our MRS Conference vote) for the industry to help improve how it promotes itself to potential entrants was increasing the amount of proactive engagement it conducts with potential entrants.

As we reported last week, the MRS is starting to roll out a ramped up University engagement programme during this academic year, and its looking for volunteers.

Please visit to find out more details and how you can get involved.