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Today we have a 1st hand account of a day on the careers Hub at this years MRS Conference - this time from Danielle Todd from Relish Research.


As those of us established in this industry well know, we are a smorgasbord of passionate, creative and vocal people, with rich experience, numerous areas of expertise, and coming from multifarious backgrounds. Yet, as Chime and ENI discovered, most of us (53%) stumbled into, and then, fell head over heels in love with this industry. But during our university careers, we were completely oblivious to the delights and opportunities of this industry we have come to call home. 

We simply cannot let this disservice to the reputation of our industry continue!

The Researching…a Career Hub was set up to spread this news, as well as gather stories, support and momentum to rectify and publicise market research’s hidden reputation, and boy did the attendees of MRS Impact deliver! The Hub was consistently awash with many delegates, from those with a few years’ experience to those who would only dare write 25+ in the ‘years in the industry’ box! All delegates were eager to impart their passion and enthusiasm for our beloved industry, through video confessions, cartoons, and a pledge to be of future help to the cause.

Fitting quite nicely with the theme of MRS Impact 2015 – creating action and change through insight - I was proud to see so many fellow research lovers, client and agency, young and old, all happy to sign up to be of future help in a
wide range of planned activities aimed at educating the next wave of potential market research stars on how our industry can provide interesting and fulfilling careers.

I, for one, am keen to see the next steps come to fruition, and look forward to the day when we can watch potential market research stars falling over themselves to enter – rather than simply falling – into a career in our great industry.

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