An attendee's view of our first session

Below is a short report from one of our attendees, Andy, who shares a few observations from his point of view.

The Elizabeth Normal International (ENI) and Chime Insight and Engagement (CIE) event was enjoyable on a number of accounts. Firstly I got to catch up with some people I’d not seen in a long time (research is a small world!), but secondly, the opportunity to be put into a mini research-workshop myself was very revealing!

From the discussions we had I think one thing that really shone through was that although nobody in research has a day structure quite the same as the next person, we all got frustrated by similar things. But what was perhaps more interesting was hearing about the different things that motivated people – for some it was all about seeing a job well done, for others seeing their work enacted upon, and for the likes of myself the social dynamic.

It was quite apparent as well, from a number of people, that market research is very much something you ‘fall into’. You may have a first class sociology degree when you leave Uni, but you don’t necessarily have a remote idea that the Market Research industry exists, let alone that you’ve got a degree that lends itself quite nicely! So Market Research ends up being the coolest job that no one ever seems to know about. There is something about that which enables you to feel quite self-satisfied and smug admittedly, but also I think we all learned that there was more effort needed for Market Research, as an industry, to branch out.

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