A moderator's view of our first event

What do you think happens when you put a bunch of young researchers in a room together?

If you’d have said “speed dating” or “deciding to embargo the term ‘market research’” or “designing an advert for the market research industry featuring none other than Chris Tarrant”, you’d be on the money.

Ok, so some pretty amazing things happened in that room of young researchers but it turns out, whether you’re a client-side or an agency-side researcher, specialising in qual, quant or a bit of both, you actually have a lot in common. Perhaps the most striking is young researchers’ bright-eyed eagerness to change the world. It’s one of the main reasons they were interested in research in the first place, and it’s one of the greatest sources of satisfaction in their work.

It’s about creating shockwaves, and jolting people in powerful positions into listening to the people that matter. Thy word/ethnographic video/crossbreak is thy weapon, and beware he who flies in the face of research…

Our bunch of young researchers also relish a challenge, which is fortunate really, as they see one of the greatest challenges to be overcome is the sheer lack of awareness or appreciation for the work that they do. Our young researchers don’t work all the hours God sends for the money alone (“what money?” some asked); they do it in the hope that the man on the street lives a happy, wholesome existence, but knows that it would not be so if there were not researchers out there looking out for him. 

Who else would be able to tell the powers that be that he needs to go to the doctor’s quite urgently but puts it off because he knows how much effort it will take to get an appointment; that he worries about sending his two children to university and doesn’t know what financial help is available; that his day would be so much easier if his mobile phone coverage actually allowed him to make telephone calls? 

To the man on the street, these improvements would happen as-if-by-magic.

He wouldn’t be far wrong.

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