National Apprenticeship Week

Agencies in the Data, Insight and Market Research industry talk a lot about graduate recruitment.  However the study we did with the MRS and ESOMAR showed there are a lot of employers that would like us as an industry to be doing more to support the recruitment of apprenticeships.  Some roles in our industry, need employees with practical and technical skills, who will roll their sleeves up, ensure that projects are done in a timely and accurate manner, with a keen eye for detail. A university education isn’t necessary.
To encourage companies to employ apprenticeships, all companies with a salary bill of £3 million or more annually will be charged a levy of 0.5% of the salary cost, from April 2017.  You can offset the levy with a fixed allowance of £15,000 towards apprenticeship costs if you are training apprentices.  Isn’t it time UK agencies started to do more?


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  2. Lack of graduate recruitment is a major problem. Most of the time graduates struggle with job search for few months before they find a job


  3. Sometimes all you need is a change your lifestyle, your mindset. Ask yourself "Am I wrong?".