Building "The Story of Research"

We had a great time at our session on Thursday evening Edinburgh with the MRS Scotland group. Thanks to everyone that turned up and helped make the evening a success.

After explaining the journey of discovery we had made to date, including sharing some of the key facts and figures we have identified, we then got into the interactive part of the session.

The audience were asked to reflect on both what they had heard as well as their own experiences as researchers to help them set out a number of key areas of how they would go about selling the Market Research Industry to someone who had not heard about it before, never mind considered it as a career path.

We will be bringing these ideas together with similar outputs from other sessions we have/are running with the aim of developing a series of strong messages to share wider afield.

The attendees were then split into two teams and in a short amount of time, asked to produce a 60 sec advert selling their industry.

These proved to be very informative as well as demonstrating the ingenious and resourcefulness of those people who work in the world of Market Research!!!!

Again, we captured these adverts on video so we can use aspects of each in our developing communication plan.

We finished with a Q&A session over sandwiches and wine where everyone shared their own views about a number of aspects we had discussed.

Certainly our project team got loads from the session and judging by the comments we received on the evening and via Twitter, our audience found the interactive session a good use of their time.

We will be keeping everyone in the loop as we continue our different steams of research activity, and most importantly as we move into the Action phase of the project.

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