Writing the Story

One of the key points that we keep hearing on the project is that the industry has not been good at engaging people with the compelling story of what our industry is about, and the great careers it offers.

So as we start to look at actioning some the findings from our research, we decided that we should reconnect the R-Netters, who originally helped us with an interactive workshop.

So in early November we will be running another workshop where we will share the headlines of what the team found out, and then spend the rest of the time, using creative exercises to help write the story of our industry.

75% of people working in our industry don't believe the industry is portrayed well to the general public, so there’s a job to do amongst the public at large, as well as people considering entering our industry.

Once its created it’ll be used as collateral for all members of our industry to be able to use – when they are introducing what we do to any audience, in particular we are keen it's used to inspire people to consider moving into our industry.

If you are not a R-Netter, don’t worry, you can still get involved. Following the event, we will be publishing the key headlines and the 5 areas of activity for the future including how we want everyone involved in the industry to get involved.

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