Confirmed - details of our first event - your chance to get involved

On Monday 23 September the first event will be held.  A mini deliberative event amongst those under 30 in our industry to get their views. There will be fun and interactive exercises including 'Speed Datingesque' and 'RIP Research', plenty of wine and food to go round, and a diary room to share your personal thoughts. 

Date and time:
Monday 23 September
6pm for drinks, event to run from 6.30pm until 9.30pm.
MRS Training Suite
4th Floor
15 Northburgh Street 
London EC1V 0JR

If you or anyone you know under 30 in the industry would like to take part, register your interest by emailing answering the three questions below:

1. What’s the name of your employer?
2. What is your role/job title?
3. How do you define your role? (Choose a-d)
  a) Mainly qualitative
  b) Mainly quantitative
  c) A mix of all methodologies
  d) Operational research role

Please register your interest by Friday 13th September. You will then receive an email by 17 September to confirm your place at the event.

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